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Pricing & Packages


An entry level tool for those new to demand generation.


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A platform for high volume mailers and large sales teams.


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All Enthusem Software Subscriptions Include:

Personalize at Scale

Incorporate imagery of the recipient or their company into the printed mailer!

Video Integration

Drive recipients back online to engage with rich video content and landing pages.

Tracking & Reporting

Track when and who responds so you know exactly what’s working and what’s not.

Support & Training

We’re here for you via phone, email or chat...whenever you need us.

Mobile App

Send 1-to-1 campaigns right from your mobile device.

Mailer Templates

Creative content that is proven to perform and ready to use!

Branded Content

Mailers and landing pages with your logo, headshots & colors.

Instant Alerts

Know exactly when your leads are responding.

Includes Setup of Available Integrations

2 Users
$50 / Additional User / Mo

12,000 Active Codes / Mo
$0.05 / Additional Code / Mo

$0.86 / Print & First Class Postage

$0.20 / Mailer for Digital features

$1,100 Required Onboarding 

12 Month Agreement

10 Users
$25 / Additional User/ Mo

36,000 Active Codes / Mo
$0.03 / Additional Code / Mo

$0.86 / Print & First Class Postage

$0.15 / Mailer for Digital Features

$1,800 Required Onboarding 

12 Month Agreement

25 Users
$10 / Additional User / Mo

120,000 Active Codes / Mo
$0.02 / Additional Code / Mo

$0.86 / Print & First Class Postage 

$0.10 / Mailer for Digital Features

$2,400 Required Onboarding 

12 Month Agreement

Onboarding Includes

Branding Landing Page

2 Standard Video Page Templates

Custom Card Signatures

Training Session

4 Standard Mailer Templates


3 Custom Mailer Template Designs

3 Custom Video Page Templates

Setup of any Available Integrations

6 (Total) Custom Mailer Template Designs

6 (Total) Custom Video Page Templates

Custom Team Training Session

Setup to Use Own Printer

Monthly Includes

Software Access

Email & Live Chat Support

Mailer Series Functionality 

User Level Reporting 

Instant Email & Text Alerts 

Webcam Video Recording

iOS App Access 

Management Level Reporting 

Marketing Automation 

Alerts via CRM or Marketing Automation 

Dedicated Account Manager 

Dedicated Marketing Coordinator 

Phone Support 

Monthly Custom Reports

Quarterly Strategy Sessions

Postal Presorted/Print Ready Digital File

What People Are Saying About Us

“Enthusem is automatic. Just sit back and call back your leads when they see your video! It's very simple and easy to use.”

Kevin Le
Health Insurance Advantage

“Common sense approach, state of art technology... hands down best in class. A must DO for everyone in sales.”

Stephanie Weeks
MacMunnis, Inc.

“Enthusem's automated marketing campaigns help us find good, quality leads at a very reasonable price”

Douglas Fitzpatrick
Fitzpatrick Engineering Group, PLLC

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Integrate With My CRM or Marketing Automation System?

Yes we integrate with popular CRM and marketing automation systems such as HubSpot, SharpSpring, Salesforce, SugarCRM and Velocify. Integrations are included at Pro level and higher.

What are Active Codes?

We include a unique code on every mailer and as long as the code is active, you will get notified when the recipient enters that code. As you place your order for mailers you can decide how long you want that code to remain active so you’re always in control of how many codes you have active!

Can I Print Through My Own Vendor?

Absolutely! We’re a software company, not a printer but since many of our clients don’t have print relationships, we have preferred vendors you can use. If you already have a print vendor, we’d be happy to route your print files to them instead! Enterprise level account is required.

What are Digital Features?

Digital features are what make Enthusem cards stand out! This is everything from the ability to include a personal image of a recipient or their company’s logo on a mailer to the unique access code that gets printed on the mailer.

Can I Pay This Upfront Instead Of Monthly?

If you’d rather avoid a monthly bill that’s fine! Just talk with your account representative and they can set up an upfront payment for your software fees instead of a monthly bill.

Can I Just Send an Email Instead?

Enthusem isn’t a replacement for your email campaigns and there are already great tools out there to send email. Enthusem is offline to online so we always start with a printed mailer...because it works.

How Much Time & Effort is This?

You’ll get out of it what you put into it, just like anything else. Enthusem is a tool and requires some brainpower to get it started but once your onboarding is done, it’s all automated!

Do People Get Creeped Out By The Personalization?

We get that question waaay more than we get complaints. Most people appreciate when businesses are using forward thinking tools to market themselves, it says a lot about your company.

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