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Client Success Stories

Case Study


Leading provider of AV services doubled their goal and added millions in pipeline by implementing Enthusem into their "Tech Day" Strategy.

"We needed a highly scalable way to personalize our direct mail while boosting response rates. Enthusem's personalization at scale technology did just that!"

Andy Mackensen
Co-Founder & CMO of SnackNation

Case Study


Snack subscription service campaign wins AMA Marketer of the Year award and achieves an 11% response rate.

"The attention Enthusem gives to customer service is amazing! We appreciate it and our clients do too!"

Nathan Hill
Optimization Evangelist & Enthusem Reseller at NextAfter

Case Study

Network Affiliates

We use a variety of digital and online tools but we needed something that would augment our other lead generation efforts. Enthusem helped us bridge the gap between our offline and online efforts.

"Incorporating a completely hands off direct mail touch into our Marketo automated sequences has become a reality with Enthusem. We're getting response rates as high as 18% on our mailers!"

George Hoffman
Marketing Automation Manager, SnackNation

Case Study


Inbound marketing agency drives a 30% response rate and 86% conversion rate for their client by incorporating hyper-personalized direct mail into their digital strategy.

"Enthusem is such a bad ass lead generation strategy. It seamlessly integrates into my campaigns adding an effective offline touch point!"

Rafael Zabala
CEO of Interactive Marketing (IM)

Case Study

Sun Chevrolet

Chevy dealer includes imagery of the recipient's house from the cockpit of a new Chevy to capture attention and drive a 4% response rate.

"Enthusem captures attention and increases brand awareness. The software is easy to use and the team is very knowledgeable and helpful!"

Jessica Vollaro
Marketing Manager at VAI

Case Study


Digital marketing agency incorporates direct mail and achieves 3,165% ROI. Integration with HubSpot saves $1500/month in labor costs!

"Seamless communication has helped us achieve our goals of getting in front of potential clients."

Sean Lynch
Senior Consultant, Marketing, Business Development at S&L Solutions

Case Study


Implemented a hyper-personalized outreach strategy and achieved a 24% response rate on their first campaign.

"I am impressed with Enthusem! You make the software work for me, not the other way around. It's much appreciated!"

Matt Stangle
Vice President at Insurance Force

Case Study

ECR Software

Software automation company leverages direct mail and pre-schedules 13 valuable meetings at an upcoming tradeshow.

"We never expected the response rate to be so high! I strongly recommend Enthusem for anyone looking to stand out in the crowd."

Hili Shrem
Director of Business Development at Visual Retail Plus

Case Study

Deluxe Equipment

Commercial oven manufacturer targets convenience stores with hyper-personalized direct mail and achieves a 27% response rate.

"The Zapier + Enthusem Integration has been a real time saver. Thank you!"

Scott Rowland
CEO of Highly Trained Eye

"We've been able to engage new prospects and set more appointments"

Bill Gaier
VP of Business Development at Townsend Communications

"Common sense approach coupled with state of the art technology. A tool that's hands down best in its class. A must do for everyone in sales. "

Stephanie Weeks
Principal of MacMunnis, Inc.

"In terms of qualified cost per lead, nothing else even comes close!"

Burch Falkner
CEO of Falcon Wireless Direct

"Enthusem is so easy to use I was a bit worried about our sales staff using it but it's such a user friendly tool everyone gets it!"

Andrew Rambo
Sales and Research Coordinator at ICAN

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