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Subscription Service Scales with Mail

Gets results 'unheard of' with traditional direct mail
Response Rate
AMA Award

About SnackNation

SnackNation launched in 2013, to address the huge demand for healthy snacks in the workplace and an increasing focus on employee engagement, health, and wellbeing.

“Enthusem has opened up a totally new, highly scalable channel that has been getting amazing results. 11% response rate on a cold list mailer? Those results are unheard of in the "old school" direct mail space...and that's what we're seeing right now with Enthusem's offline to online system.”

Andy Mackensen
Co-Founder & CMO

The Challenge

SnackNation wanted to offer a physical, personal sample snack box to each recipient, however execution was cost prohibitive. They needed a solution that was not only scalable but also integrated with SalesForce.

How We Helped

SnackNation leveraged hyper-personalized direct mail that looked like a personal snack box with the recipient’s headshot on it. The mailer led to a personal video online with a call to action to register for a free snackbox. Responses were pushed to SnackNation’s sales reps so they could follow up instantly.

The entire process from the triggering of mailers at the right time, generating the hyper-personalized mailer and triggering response notifications was integrated with SalesForce, making it very easy to scale, manage and track.

The Results

The campaign topped out at an 11% response rate and the strategy has already been adopted for other company initiatives where the Enthusem + Marketo Integration is being used.

SnackNation and Enthusem won the AMA Marketer Of The Year award for the innovative nature and great results for this campaign!

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