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Experienced It, Had to Test it For Themselves

After experiencing an Enthusem mailer, Idealease knew it could work for them
Response Rate

About Idealease

Idealease is a nationwide commercial truck company that both lease and loan out their vehicles to customers and other businesses.  With over 430 locations around the U.S., not only do they supply the trucks, but they also provide full maintenance on them as well.

“A, it got through to gate keeper to [the CEO], B that our website was on it, and C that his phone rang thirty seconds after he watched the video. Between those three things coupled, it was: How do they do this? I want to know the ins and outs. Can we do something like this? ”

Doug Gosnell
VP, National Sales

The Challenge

Idealease wanted a change to their prospecting process, knowing that it wasn’t getting the results they wanted. They only had a few representatives prospecting, and it mainly consisted of a simple phone call or email. The call to action on these outreach attempts was to go to the website and sign up. This process was neither trackable or scalable, and wasn’t getting any real results.

Idealease wasn’t seeking a revamp specifically, but when the opportunity presented itself, it became hard to resist. The process started when the CEO, Daniel Murphy, received a card in the mail from Enthusem, featuring his company and logo on it. The card peaked his interest, not only because it featured his own company, but because something about this piece of mail was special enough that it made it through the gatekeeper, all the way to his desk and then continued to grab his interest.

How We Helped

The final sell for the CEO, was that after following a code on the inside of the card and watching a video, his phone rang about 30 seconds later with his own personal sales rep, the same one from the video he just watched, on the other end. After that, he was convinced that this was the tool he needed to help his sales team reach their goals.

Idealease opted to test hyper-personalized direct mail where they could customize each mailer (at scale) while driving recipients back online. Once online, they engaged with video content and were asked to schedule a meeting. All of this was followed up with a phone call from the same sales rep that sent the card and was in the video, making it very easy to get by gatekeepers and making the prospect feel like they already knew the rep. This resulted in higher response and conversion rates.

Enthusem automatically tracked the responsesof the clicks on the videos, so Idealease knew what creative was working best and always knew in real-time exactly who was responding.

The Results

Idealease is received a 24% response rate for their hyper-personalized marketing campaign and has already started on their next one! In a typical email campaign for Idealease, they send an email to about 1300 people, with anywhere between a 15%-40% click through rate. With a simple personalized direct mail campaign, they achieved an unheard of, 24% response rate. 

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