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Software Company Drives Tradeshow Meetings

Tight tradeshow deadline demands efficiency and quick results
Week Deadline
Set Meetings

About ECRS

ECRS® automates the science of retail from supply chain to customer checkout. By automating critical, complex enterprise operations, unnecessary manual tasks are eliminated and new opportunities arise.


The Challenge

ECR was on a time crunch to get meetings scheduled for an upcoming tradeshow they were attending, RBC. The solution needed to be automated, measurable and not time intensive since they were busy planning for the event. There needed to be less than a 2 week turnaround time in order to get cards in recipient's hands before they left for the show.

How We Helped

We targeted 795 likely attendees of the RBC tradeshow and sent them an Enthusem card with a picture of the RBC logo on the front, since this was something they would recognize as attendees. The message in the card was personalized, and asked the recipient to use their personalized code online. This sent an alert email to the Enthusem user that originally sent the card. The recipient simultaneously viewed a personal video, giving information about ECRS, and requesting a meeting. The page included a scheduling form which allowed recipients the ability to pick a convenient time to meet at the tradeshow. Once a date and time was selected, ECR was notified.

The Results

The project was completed on schedule and cards mailed on time. ECR arrived at the show with 13 meetings already scheduled on their calendar, which crushed their goal!

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