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Inbound Agency Leverages Direct Mail

Non-Profit agency becomes Enthusem reseller after experiencing results
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About NextAfter

NextAfter is a cause-based organization that works with non-profits to develop research as to why their donors give and put those learning into practice to help them reach more people, acquire more donors, and generate more dollars to fund their world-changing work. They are also an Enthusem Reseller.

“The attention Enthusem gives to customer service is amazing! We appreciate it and our clients do too!”

Nathan Hill
Optimization Evangelist & Enthusem Reseller

The Challenge

NextAfter needed to find a way to offer each individual recipient a unique and personal experience to inspire their founding members of the Nonprofit Innovation & Optimization Summit (NIO Summit) to join their new exclusive program: Nonprofit Innovation Advisory Team.

How We Helped

NextAfter felt a personal connection would greatly increase their chances of getting recipients to join the Nonprofit Innovation Advisory Team. They thought that using direct mail to develop offline cultivation could potentially be used to encourage people to join the team. NextAfter decided to leverage technology that would allow them to send personalized post cards (direct mail) at scale and integrate personal online video with real time tracking. All automated from Hubspot using Enthusem and is hyper-personal to the recipient, from the sender. They weren’t searching for a solution at the time, but recalled an Enthusem mailer they had received and thought it was very effective, so they thought that would be more effective than anything else they've experienced.

The process began with a super personal direct mail piece that incorporated the recipient’s social media profile image. The Enthusem software dynamically obtained available imagery from the web and incorporated it into an otherwise static design. The mailer included a personal access code with directions to go online and view additional video content. When contacts went online and entered their access code, they saw a video of Tim (his signature was also on the mailer), talking personally to them. At the same time, Enthusem sent a notification over to Hubspot, where it triggered an instant follow-up activity, a phone call. All who didn’t respond to the mailer within days of sending were also sent a follow-up email via Hubspot with their Enthusem access code, just in case the mailer hadn’t made it to their desk yet. This created a personal connection, when the sales reps called and got a gatekeeper, all he or she had to say is “I’m the one who sent the card. ...” Since the contact had already been virtually introduced, there was a personal connection, making it extremely easy to get by gatekeepers. The entire process from the triggering of mailers through response was integrated with Hubspot, making it very easy for NextAfter to manage and track. The landing page for the video had a signup form and a schedule a time to talk form to easy signups and scheduled meetings with the sales reps to learn more.

The Results

NextAfter response rates were automatically tracked inside of their Hubspot and Enthusem account. The campaign topped out a 30% response rate (recipients going online and entering their code to watch the video) and a 86% conversion rate (recipients singing up for the new program). Due to the success of this campaign, NextAfter recognized that direct mail pieces can be cost effective and can help bolster online registrations and has since launched success campaigns for their clients, one of which generated a 204% increase in end of year donations for a private college.

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