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Direct Mail Helps Increase Attendance at Tech Day

AVI-SPL hired Enthusem to reach company attendance goals, and promote their annual event.
Response Rate


AVI-SPL is the most trusted end-to end provider of AV and video collaboration solutions, as well as providing support services for organization of all types, all around the world. 

In business since 1979, the company hasn't stopped growing or improving the quality of their product. A quality that 85% of the Fortune 100 use themselves. Some of the most recent additons to the company:, in 2016 they acquired Anderson AV, adding six new offices and 160 employees to their roster, and in 2017, they formed a partnership with Vega, an Asain solutions provider company. 

“With Enthusem's help, we more than doubled [our] goal, seeing a significant ROI by adding million in pipeline and revenue that can be attributed directly to the extra attendees.”

Nathan Legg
Public Relations Specialist

The Challenge

AVI-SPL holds several "Technology Day" events across the country, throughout the year. This is a day where they invite prospects that aren't currently using their technology to one of their offices for an informative and entertaining afternoon. This way they can give them a demonstration in a relaxed, group setting.

However, the past few years, they have been struggling to meet company goals for attendance. AVI-SPL was looking for a better way to hit attendance goals with a program that could scale, not just for Technology Day, but for all events.

How We Helped

AVI-SPL was searching to make a personal connection with the targeted decision makers at the companies near their local office. With all the clutter that we see online on a daily basis, they decided that the best way to be personal was to go offline, and deliver a personal invitation through the mail. They still wanted the offline piece to be integrated with their marketing automation program, and work with a multi-channel approach. They reached out to Enthusem. 

The process included working together to design a super personal direct mail piece that incorporated a personalized element, such as the recipient's social media profile image and name, or their company's name, logo, job title, or company name. This was accomplished with Enthusem's software. It dynamically obtained available imagery from the web and incorporated it into an otherwise static design. At the bottom of the mailer was a "signature" from the event host. 

The key feature that turns this direct mailer into a multi-channel marketing piece, is the code on the inside that directs the recipient online where they were able to view additional video content created by AVI-SPL. When the recipient viewed it, Enthusem sent a notification through SalesForce to AVI-SPL where they were able to immediately followup with a phone call to encourage registration for the event, and answer any questions that the recipient had. If the contact didn't respond after 5 days, an email was automatically triggered out of Salesforce with the same code that was printed in the mailer, as a follow up or in  case the card hadn't yet reached their desk. 

The Results

Leading up to the event, all of the results were able to be automatically tracked in Enthusem and Salesforce so AVI-SPL's event management could predict the attendance at Technology Day. By the end of the campaign, not only did the mailer achieve a 4% response rate but the registration rate was more than doubled from previous year's attendance of 107. With these results, AVI-SPL opted to use Enthusem for all of their upcoming events.

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