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Inbound Agency Incorporates Direct Mail

Digital Marketing Agency Adds Direct Mail to their Inbound Strategy
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About Captevrix

Captevrix is a full service marketing company specializing in inbound marketing that helps businesses develop their marketing goals and generate website traffic, qualified leads and sales.  Captevrix is also a HubSpot Agency Partner.

“I wasn’t actively looking to do direct mail but Enthusem sent me a mailer...and that thing sat on my desk for months, I just couldn’t throw it out. That’s how I knew I had to give it a try because it worked on me. I mean, come on...who keeps direct mail that long?”

Aaron Dyess

The Challenge

Captevrix specializes in inbound marketing and uses this strategy to generate their own leads, but had been struggling to get past gatekeepers and into conversations with C-level decision makers to drive their own sales. As a marketing agency, of course, they are also always looking for new and innovative ideas to bring to their clients.

How We Helped

Captevrix wanted to create a personal connection with targeted C-level executives prior to even getting on the phone. They felt a personal connection would greatly increase their chances of getting beyond the gatekeeper so they wanted to take their marketing offline. They didn’t want to lose sight of their own product offering, so the offline piece had to have a digital component and, ideally, wanted the entire process integrated with their marketing automation system, HubSpot, so they wouldn’t have to track across multiple systems.

Captevrix decided that a healthy mix of offline and online marketing was the best way to reach these decision makers and stand out in an otherwise crowded online space. They chose postal mail to serve as the offline bridge to get these C-level executives to very specific online content, and, at that point, enrolled them into their marketing automation activities.

They recalled an Enthusem mailer they had received several months earlier. It was still sitting on their President’s desk because of its personal nature, and they decided to build a solution that started with an Enthusem card.

The process began with a super personal direct mail piece that incorporated either the recipient’s social media profile image or their own company logo. The Enthusem software dynamically obtained available imagery from the web and incorporated it into an otherwise static design. The mailer was “signed” by the sales representative assigned to that account and also included the representative’s headshot and logo for branding.

The mailer included a personal access code  with directions to go online and view additional video content. When contacts went online and entered their access code, they saw a video of that same sales representative, talking personally to them. At the same time, Enthusem sent a notification over to HubSpot, where it triggered follow-up activity that, in this case, was a phone call from the sales rep – the same sales rep who had signed the card and was in the video. All who didn’t respond to the mailer within days of sending were also sent a follow-up email via HubSpot with their Enthusem access code, just in case the mailer hadn’t made it to their desk yet.

This created a personal connection, so when the rep called and got a gatekeeper, all he or she had to do was say “I’m the one who sent the card. …” Since the contact had already been virtually introduced to the salesperson, there was a personal connection, making it extremely easy to get by gatekeepers.

The entire process from the triggering of mailers through response was integrated with HubSpot, making it very easy for Captevrix to manage and track.

The Results

Captevrix spent minimal time executing the direct mail campaign, a process that is usually managed by an entire staff. The result of the campaign was 3,165% ROI at the time this case study was published. This number is likely to increase as, due to the personal nature of Enthusem cards, responses continue over time.

The Enthusem integration with HubSpot saves Captevrix ~$1500/month in labor costs by automating direct mail sends and automatically updating results!

Due to the success of this campaign, Captevrix also became an Enthusem reseller to bring the power of direct mail to their client’s inbound marketing campaigns.

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