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About Enthusem

We bridge the gap between your digital marketing and your offline marketing campaigns to make them more efficient, streamlined, personal and effective.

Who We Are

We are a group of coffee powered martech innovators and performance minded creatives. Our team members continue to be at the forefront of an industry instead of being passengers. We celebrate status quo disruption. We aren’t afraid of change. We pivot based on metrics, not emotions. It’s ingrained in the culture here at Enthusem to constantly be looking for ways to hack processes to make them more efficient. We are passionate about bringing that same approach to our clients to connect them with their audience in a deeper, more uniquely personal level to create stronger relationships with their brands. We ARE the hyper-personal offline to online wave.

How We Can Help You Grow

Avoid the small, trivial stuff that has minimal impact and clutters up your day.  Our team helps you focus on revenue generating activities so you can continue to scale with maniacal efficiency.


Enthusem automates your marketing so you don’t have to think about who gets what, next. Just set it and you’re done.


Enthusem talks to your sales & marketing software so you don’t have to juggle multiple systems, processes or reports.


Scale your marketing efforts without compromising those 1 to 1 communications customers have come to expect.

Our Mission

Change the way company representatives communicate with their contacts by being uber personal with minimal effort, allowing more meaningful conversations at the exact right time.

Our Vision

To replace the high frequency, low value, poorly segmented, annoying communications of the past with meaningful, personal, welcomed conversations between people.

Meet our Award Winning Team


Paul Blaylock

Owner & CEO


Angela Medlar

VP of Ops & Product


Nichol Reeves

Sr. Marketing Manager


Maxwell Cooke

Production Specialist


Sherri Fabbiano

Human Resources Administrator


Emily Bair

Director of Sales & Marketing


Tim Connell

Sales Manager


Will McLaughlin

Sales Strategist


Miranda Powell

Account Executives


Fernando Guimaraes

Account Executives


Hannah Survance

Account Executives


Heather Crouch

Account Executives

Join Our Growing Team!

We’re looking for logical minded, creative thinkers with a fresh perspective to join our growing team. If you love a close-knit team environment and are passionate about ushering companies into today’s ever changing landscapes through technology, check out our openings and see if we may be a fit for each other!

Careers at Enthusem


If you're passionate about marketing automation, hyper-personalization or sales...let's talk! We're always open to great conversation, even if it just leads to us being friends!

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