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Printing & Postage at Cost, Then Pay Per Lead

# of Mailers

Print & Postage Cost

Price Per Lead

50 $0.65 $300
100 $0.65 $250
500 $0.65 $200
1000 $0.65 $150

All Enthusem Mailers Include:

Personalize at Scale

Incorporate imagery of the recipient or their company into the printed mailer!

Instant Alerts

Know exactly when your leads are responding so you can follow up while top of mind.

Tracking & Reporting

Track when and who responds so you know exactly what’s working and what’s not.

Support & Training

We’re here for you via phone, email or chat...whenever you need us.

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What is a considered a lead?

When a mailer is sent out, Enthusem includes a trackable code and/or QR code. This ties your printed mailer with online content. When the code is scanned, it registers as a response in Enthusem. The sender will receive an email or text notification of the response and the recipient will see your online content. This is what Enthusem considers a lead. All leads will be counted at the end of the month and billed accordingly to a credit card on file.

Are there co-marketing opportunities available?

Yes, there may be co-marketing opportunities available through a partnership with LoanFlight Lending, allowing you to scale your marketing efforts. Please contact us for details.