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Enthusem In Action

How does hyper-personalized direct mail work? It's a lot easier than you think!

How It Works       

How It Works

It's difficult to get eyes on that valuable online content you've spent resources developing. Now you can drive traffic to that online content using hyper-personalized direct mail and even automate it from your marketing automation platform or CRM system.

Common sense approach coupled with state of the art technology. A tool that's hands down best in its class. A must do for everyone in sales.”

Stephanie Weeks
Principal of MacMunnis, Inc.

“We never expected the response rate to be so high! I strongly recommend Enthusem for anyone looking to stand out in the crowd.”

Hili Shrem
Director of Business Development at Visual Retail Plus

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does this work with digital marketing?

Direct mail can actually boost digital marketing response rates by 35% when used together. Enthusem integrates with most marketing automation platforms and sends a printed, direct mail piece that's hyper-personalized to each contact...just as easily as sending an email.

Who prints & mails these mailers?

We're not a printer but we do have print relationships setup for you to use seamlessly. You'll never have to reach out to a printer to negotiate price or check on the status of your mailing. If you're a high volume mailer and already have a printer you know and love, we can set them up to get your print jobs on a schedule that works for you and them!

How does direct mail integrate with my online content?

Enthusem uses unique QR and access codes on each mailer. When scanned or entered, the recipient goes online to engage whatever content you want them to see: Facebook posts, your Twitter feed, a blog post, whitepaper, video..literally any content you need to get eyes on!

How does direct mail automation work?

If you've used any marketing automation, you know how easy it is to send emails. Enthusem makes it just as easy to send hyper-personalized direct mail. The mailers can be triggered based on workflows which means at any given time on any given day you can have mailers triggering without any interaction from your team!

Do I need to use CRM or marketing automation?

Not at all! Enthusem is behaves nicely as a standalone tool. The platform even has some built in automation so if you're not using a CRM or marketing automation platform, this could be a great way to dip your toe in! If you're interested in getting started with a CRM or marketing automation platform, check out some of our favorites!

Is direct mail GDPR compliant?

Direct mail is a great way to avoid the intricacies of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) that became law in the EU in 2018. Direct mail can be used in situations where email can't or, using an offline to online tool like Enthusem, it can be used to obtain opt-ins for future email communication.