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Enthusem Partnership Program

Enthusem Partners are provided with our expanded outreach tool delivering more value, better results, and greater traction with clients.

Partnership Opportunities

Here at Enthusem, we partner with a variety of companies from those who are seasoned vets with direct mail to those who have recently entered the direct mail space.

Our digital offline marketing tools promise partners the ability to add another weapon into their arsenal.

Because of our powerful and effortless integrations with HubSpot and Marketo, many of our partners are agencies utilizing these relationships to help create perfect synergy with their client delivery.

On top of having access to a tool that can boost your marketing efforts by combining the advantages of offline and online marketing, working with Enthusem will grant you a share of all successful deals achieved through our system.

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How It Works


Diagnose Client

Onboard and inform the partner of all areas we can help them help their clients.


Partner signs an agreement that gives them the ability to earn a percentage of the top line subscription revenue paid on a quarterly basis.

Devise a Solution

Develop a pilot program and select a client for the pilot. The pilot program is meant to both demonstrate the benefits of the Enthusem technology along with providing tangible and immediate value for the client.



Enthusem badges partners in three tiers based on total MRR.

Collaborate for Success

Work with end-user client and partner to ensure success, along with training partner of our process and system.

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What would these numbers mean for your clients?


Chance of response in 5 days


faster response rate


higher lead conversion

Want more information on how you can easily incorporate mailers into your digital marketing strategy?

A supporting statement of your value proposition. Entice your visitor to complete your CTA.

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