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Angela Medlar

By: Angela Medlar on March 9th, 2016

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Automate, Track and Scale Direct Mail with Enthusem's Salesforce Integration

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Enthusem announced an integration with Salesforce that automates, tracks and scales direct mail campaigns offering a complete turn key, closed loop marketing solution.
The Enthusem integration with Salesforce triggers printed mailers based on Salesforce user activity with no manual interaction from users.

“Our goal with the integration was to make it seamless for Salesforce users. They never have to leave Salesforce and mailers are automatically triggered based on their usual activities,” says Enthusem Director of Technology, Angela Medlar. “We’ve made setup very easy for administrators using simple Salesforce workflow rules.”

Enthusem also includes a printed tracking code on the mailer that, when accessed, pushes response data back into Salesforce, using workflow rules to trigger a next step in the marketing process.

“The most powerful feature of Enthusem is knowing exactly when the lead you wanted to engage with is ready to start a conversation,” says Enthusem Partner & CEO Paul Blaylock. “Pushing that information into Salesforce makes Enthusem a complete closed loop marketing solution for sales teams.”

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Automated direct mail triggered in Salesforce and sent by Enthusem is a turnkey solution for executing direct mail campaigns without calling a printer, gathering a mailing list or going through art approval and proofing processes. The Salesforce and Enthusem integration is easy to setup and ensures direct mail campaigns are executed and leads are engaged at exactly the right time.

Learn more about the Enthusem & Salesforce integration at http://enthusem.com/salesforce or by calling 813-699-9996 ext 102.

About Enthusem
Enthusem, by Prospect Smarter, Inc, is a digital marketing SaaS solution that uses technology to automate, track and scale closed loop direct mail campaigns. Enthusem offers an iOS mobile app for sending mail one at a time, a web app for sending mass personal mail and integrations with Salesforce and other popular CRM systems for automating direct mail campaigns. The Enthusem API enables any third party app to integrate with Enthusem functionality.