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Hyper-Personalized, Offline to Online Marketing Campaign Selected as AMA Marketer of the Year Finalist Blog Feature
Angela Medlar

By: Angela Medlar on February 16th, 2017

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Hyper-Personalized, Offline to Online Marketing Campaign Selected as AMA Marketer of the Year Finalist

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Enthusem, a hyper-personalized, offline to online marketing software company based in Tampa, Fla., was selected as an AMA Marketer of the Year Finalist in both the “Integrated Marketing” and “Direct Mail” categories.

In the “Integrated Marketing” category, Enthusem was selected as a finalist for its creative work for AVI-SPL, the global leader in enterprise-grade audiovisual system integration and collaboration solutions, which needed a way to scale attendance for its “Technology Day” events held across the country.

“We started with a modest goal: to boost the attendance of our Technology Day events for our local offices in Tampa and Seattle,” said Nathan Legg, public relations specialist at AVI-SPL. “With Enthusem’s help, we more than doubled that goal, seeing a significant ROI by adding millions in the pipeline and revenue that can be attributed directly to the extra attendees.”

Enthusem leverages information about a contact to dynamically create hyper-personalized imagery that incorporates the contact’s own social media images or company branding to build a truly personal mailer, automatically printed and mailed at the exact right time.

Once engaged offline, the recipient is prompted to go online for a multimedia experience that includes personal webcam videos, landing pages and social media content. Simultaneously, activity is pushed back to the sender’s marketing automation system or CRM, to trigger further marketing automation activity or a call from a representative. For AVI-SPL, the entire process was integrated with Salesforce, enabling the company to execute mailers and connect with potential attendees with ease.

“AVI-SPL is all about connecting people using technology. So the first thing that came to my head creatively was to include in the mailer a photo of a conference room and have the recipient’s social media profile image up on the screen in the conference room, as if they were dialing into the call,” said Mac McAvoy, Enthusem director of sales, “Using Enthusem’s personalization-at-scale technology made it very easy to accomplish this in mass.”

Also a finalist in the “Direct Mail” category, Enthusem has been recognized for its creative SnackNation's Hyper-Personalized Enthusem Campaignwork with SnackNation, a healthy snack delivery service. They traditionally send out free snack boxes to promote their product, and they wanted to make it personal; however, actually making a personal snack box for each recipient was timely and expensive. SnackNation used Enthusem’s personalization-at-scale technology to send a printed mailer with an image of the recipient’s own “virtual” snack box on the front, personalized with their headshot and company logo. When the recipient engaged online as a result of the mailer, he or she saw a video of his or her own account rep talking to the recipient one-on-one saying, “I’ve got a snack box with your name on it." The entire process was automated through Salesforce, and response activity pushed back to Salesforce, bringing SnackNation’s direct mail efforts to a whole new level while delivering an 11 percent response rate. Andy Mackensen, SnackNation Co-Founder and CMO, stated, “We need a highly scalable way to personalize our direct mail campaigns while boosting response rates. Enthusem’s personalization at scale technology did just that."

The Tampa Bay AMA Marketer of the Year Awards recognize and honor the very best marketers from both brands and agencies for their creative work, excellence and success. Winners will be announced at their annual awards gala on March 2, 2017.

About Enthusem: Enthusem, by Prospect Smarter, is an offline to online marketing tool that automates direct mail, personalized at scale, and integrates with the most popular marketing automation and CRM systems, including HubSpot, Salesforce, SharpSpring, SugarCRM and Velocify.

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