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Hyper-Personalized Direct Mail, Automated from HubSpot Blog Feature
Angela Medlar

By: Angela Medlar on January 26th, 2017

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Hyper-Personalized Direct Mail, Automated from HubSpot

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The Enthusem Integration for HubSpot provides users with an offline to online marketing software tool that integrates seamlessly with their existing marketing automation strategy in HubSpot.

Enthusem has announced that their offline to online marketing software has been invited to join the HubSpot Connect Beta Integrators program. The Enthusem Integration for HubSpot allows HubSpot users to automate direct mail, personalized at scale, right from their HubSpot accounts as part of their marketing automation workflows — a first of its kind for HubSpot.

Angela Medlar, Director of Technology, said, “We’ve had so much interest from HubSpot Partners since we launched our integration that we’re already in the process of becoming a HubSpot Certified Connect Partner. It’s exciting to see the rapid adoption of Enthusem into their digital marketing strategies.”

Enthusem leverages information about the HubSpot contact to dynamically create hyper-personalized imagery that incorporates the contact’s own social media images or company branding to build a truly personal mailer, automatically printed and mailed at the exact right time using HubSpot workflows.

Once engaged offline, the recipient then goes online for a multimedia experience, including personal webcam videos, HubSpot landing pages and social media content. Activity is pushed back to HubSpot, where it can trigger further marketing automation activity or a call from a representative.

“The online marketing climate has changed. Consumers are now paying subscription fees to avoid noise and unwelcome marketing content. Entire mail and social platforms are scrambling to block fake or interruptive strategies. Streaming or satellite music, television, online newspapers, and social media’s current marketing metric struggles are great examples,” said Paul Blaylock, CEO and Owner of Enthusem. “Enthusem is gaining amazing traction because it avoids the clutter by leveraging Enthusem’s automated personalization at scale technology to gain attention offline. Offline, consumers can’t easily “unsee” or “unsubscribe.” Our personal messages then lead to more intent consumers engaging right back online where our clients’ trackable, personal and rich experiences await. Marketers are quickly recognizing Enthusem as a necessary component in their omni-channel marketing automation mix.”

The integration takes just a few minutes to set up so users can get started quickly. “We’ve been an Enthusem Reseller for a few months now and have already seen success nurturing our own sales leads. We also launched it as a service for our nonprofit partners to build relationships with their donors,” said Nathan Hill of NextAfter. “The Enthusem Integration for HubSpot was easy to set up and the Enthusem staff has been extremely supportive as we launched.”

If you’re interested in becoming an Enthusem Reseller, please visit http://enthusem.com/resellers. If you’d like to see a video of how the Enthusem Integration for HubSpot works, visit http://enthusem.com/HubSpot-integration/.

About Enthusem: Enthusem, by Prospect Smarter, is an offline to online marketing tool that automates direct mail, personalized at scale, and integrates with the most popular marketing automation and CRM systems, such as HubSpot, Salesforce, SharpSpring, SugarCRM and Velocify.