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Enthusem Connects Canon Printers with Hubspot Marketing Automation Blog Feature
Angela Medlar

By: Angela Medlar on November 20th, 2019

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Enthusem Connects Canon Printers with Hubspot Marketing Automation

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Enthusem was invited to the second annual Canon Future Promotion Forum as a featured platform for facilitating Programmatic Print.

Over 1,000 Canon print partners and marketers attended the event at Canon’s Customer Experience Center in Poing, Germany. A major focus was programmatic direct mail and how to empower commercial printers to automate direct mail from their customers’ marketing automation platforms.

Direct mail has traditionally been difficult to execute and with more marketers moving their budgets to digital marketing campaigns, commercial printers are looking for ways to bridge the technology gap between online marketing and offline print.

Learn how hyper-personalized direct mail converts offline prospects to online customers: 

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Enthusem was featured as an integral piece of the technology stack that enables users to trigger programmatic direct mail from marketing automation platforms, like Hubspot, and send a direct mail file to any print facility, anywhere around the world.

Enthusem CEO, Paul Blaylock, said during a panel discussion, “Programmatic print automation gives you the power to decide the right time to invest in direct mail for each individual, rather than doubling down on more emails, automated calls or texts.” He continues, “It just has to be easy enough to execute on an individual level and that’s exactly where Enthusem fits.”


Principal Inbound Growth Consultant in Hubspot Berlin and event speaker, Patrick Bruck, featured a case study of joint Hubspot and Enthusem customer, Captevrix, and how they integrated their online marketing efforts with direct mail to ultimately increase ROI by over 3,000%.

Attendees experienced the power and ease of programmatic direct mail using the Hubspot, Enthusem and Canon technology stack right before their eyes. They filled out a form online which triggered a Hubspot workflow. That workflow first, sent the attendee an email and programmatically sent a print-ready file to the Canon VPi300 for print. The workflow executed in real time with no human interaction.

Enthusem enables programmatic print by connecting marketing automation platforms with print service providers to make sending printed direct mail as easy as sending an email. Learn more at www.enthusem.com.

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