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Enthusem Announces Partnership with Marketo Blog Feature
Angela Medlar

By: Angela Medlar on June 6th, 2018

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Enthusem Announces Partnership with Marketo

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Enthusem has released its direct mail automation integration with Marketo® giving users the ability to access to direct mail automation right from Marketo.

Enthusem’s integration with Marketo makes sending direct mail from a Marketo Smart Campaign as easy as sending an automated email — with the same level of effort, timing and trackability but through a channel that’s much less cluttered, so the content actually stands out.

“After attending Marketing Nation Summit in San Francisco last month I knew we had to fast track the Marketo and Enthusem Integration,” says Mac McAvoy, director of sales at Enthusem. “The forward thinking ideas that I heard from both Marketo and its users fit perfectly with the omnichannel and hyper-personalized approach that we take here at Enthusem.”

The integration is a quick setup and allows users to send trigger based direct mail based on a Marketo contact’s activity or even a sales rep’s activity with that contact. For example, if an email is sent to a contact but they don’t open it or click on a link in the email after 24 hours, a direct mail piece with that same content can be triggered from Marketo to capture the contact’s attention through another channel. Studies show that integrating direct mail and email can boost overall response rates by 35%.

Enthusem’s involvement in the Marketo Engagement Platform™ gives Marketo users an opportunity to pull their direct mail efforts right into Marketo so all of their marketing can be executed and tracked in one platform.

Enthusem provides a direct mail automation platform that triggers hyper-personalized, printed communications from 3rd party CRM and marketing automation platforms, such as Marketo, and drives recipients to interact with digital content. Inside each mailer is a trackable code that brings offline prospects online to engage with digital content and trigger perfectly timed next steps.

Get a free demo of the Enthusem and Marketo integration to see how direct mail can boost the effectiveness or your Marketo campaigns by as much as 35%!